Monday, June 11, 2012

We arrived safely at our destination. Id like to say that everything went as smooth as silk, but Mr. Murphy is always waiting to spring one on you when you least expect it. We overnighted in Joburg and were up by 3:30AM the next morning. We were in line at the airport ticket counter by 4:15 and they were to open at 4:30. That didn't happen. They sat around and chatted with each other and finally decided to open at 4:45. I checked my bags and was told to go to another counter to pay baggage fees, which I did. Next I was sent to SAPS (South African Police Service) to register my weapons. This takes time. After weapons check-in, we ran to security check and went through the screening. We arrived at our gate at 5:30 to see that it was closed (our flight was at 5:55) We run back to see whats going on and were told we were dumped from our flight because we were late! The lady behind the counter tells us we must buy new tickets at full price to Kimberley. At this point i'm ready to jump behind the counter and strangle someone. I argue that we were late because THEY didn't open on time! I told her i'm not paying and to get someone else I can talk to. I am now told that I can get another flight but must pay a penalty fee of $186 per ticket. My patience is running thin and I pay the fee just to get out of this place...

Flying into Kimberley SA.

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