Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 2

We were up at dawn and met our hosts at the main house for a large breakfast of eggs and bacon with plenty of hot coffee for all. Every breakfast was also served with yogurt, granola, toast, jams, and rusks.

The view off our front porch was amazing and we were basically hunting the minute we stepped off.

We jumped into this hunting rig, a Toyota Land Cruiser heavily modified for the tasks at hand, and we were off.
This is rough country. Everything here want's to poke you, stick you, or bite you! Including, but not limited to  giant horse fly's, scorpions, and snakes. When I told my PH that I wasn't very fond of snakes, he told me "Don't worry, we don't have the bad snakes here...we only have African cobra's and puf adders" (those two are bad enough for me. A bite by either one and you'll need to be treated within four hours) The black mamba  on the other hand resides a bit more north and west of our location. It is known as the seven step snake, because that's about as far as your getting if you are unfortunate enough to get bit by one.
All of the trees you see are acacia trees. They are covered with 2" thorns.

This is Aloe Vera growing wild off the side of the road. I had no idea that it could grow to such a size!

This is one of those little beauties I mentioned earlier. He had a web strung up between two acacia tree that were 10' apart. This picture doesn't do this creature any justice, but if you want a good size estimate, hold out your hand with your fingers spread as far apart as possible!

Although we have a vehicle, we walk a lot.

We walk many miles every day. In this land your feet will be put to the ultimate test and a good pair of boots will be worth their weight in gold!

Within an hour we already had two small warthogs down. Our guide asked us to shoot all hogs on sight as they do a tremendous amount of damage to the land. Kyle had taken a medium size female and then passed me the gun and started to roll video.

 We hunted hard all day and just before sunset I took a nice gemsbok.

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