Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 5

We were up early again this morning. The plan was to locate a kudu bull. The weather at daybreak was 30 degrees and windy. We drove out to a secluded spot and from there started climbing to high ground to glass for a good bull.

The going was rough and at times treacherous. One must constantly be aware of his footing as there are many large rocks hidden in the tall grass that can twist or even break an ankle.

This picture was taken just before we crested the ridge.

The view of the savanna below us was amazing.

We could see for miles!

Although we spotted several kudu, none were up to the standards we were looking for.
The wind was really kicking up and although the sun was up and the temps were rising to the mid to high 40's, it still made for a cold sit. I hunkered down in some rocks  to get out of the wind and even put in ear plugs (yes, it was blowing that hard).

We finally gave up on the area and began our decent down the mountain. Our Tracker Stephan spotted two giant African porcupines and asked Kyle to shoot them because his family loves to eat them! Kyle took both of them and Stephan was happy as can be.

As the day wore on we moved into a different area. We ended up hiking nine miles total through the thorns and picker bushes today. Although we spotted several kudu during the day, it was unfortunately an epic fail.

We did however get a lot of pics...Below, Kyle and our two professional hunters are crossing through a watering hole for livestock.

Zebra are super wary animals and in my opinion, one of the hardest to hunt. These three knew something was going on and spotted us well before we saw them.  

This strange rock stood out like a sore thumb. It was the only smooth thing sitting out amongst a harsh craggy environment on the savanna.  It was smoothly polished and was very warm and comfortable to lay on.

Kyle took this long range pic of our tracker Stephan climbing down from one of the giant rock outcroppings that he likes to spot game from.

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