Sunday, June 24, 2012

Random pics taken during our safari

(please click on pics to view full size)

Another warthog.

A view from a hilltop looking across a Savannah.

Some of the stuff we hunted in.


Moon rise.

Driving back in the evening. Temps in the high 30's make for one cold ride!

More zebra

A heard of impala running in the distance.

Eland keeping a watchful eye.


The zebra like to hang around other animals. here they are with a group of eland.

Three cow eland running away.

This group of gemsbok were running along side of the rover.

While we were driving around looking for warthogs, we spotted this aardvark.

Me and Kyle with the big guys...

Another beautiful sunset in Africa.

This group of black wildebeest is keeping an eye on us.

We spotted a few monkeys in the trees. Our PH hates them and says "They're naughty"
He must have seen the look on my face and then told me that the monkeys are smart. They know if they throw a rock at the lodge window that it will break and then they can reach in and turn the door knob, enter and trash the place!

Another close up of a sable.

More ostrich pics.

If you look closly, you can see a group of cape buffalo in the distance.

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