Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 4

We climbed a large hill (I refer to them as mountains) and glassed a small heard of impala. We watched them for quite some time before my PH saw a good one and told me to take it. I wasn't comfortable using the shooting sticks and the range of 350 yards made it even more uncomfortable. The shot went high and the group ran a short distance and then began milling about just out of sight. My guide Leon spotted a medium sized warthog and I took a shot at 200 yards. I connected, but the tough little critter just kept going (but she was running towards me) When she was 75 yards out and broadside, I swung my rifle and gave her a two foot lead and squeezed the trigger. She dropped like a ton of bricks.

We came across this group of wildebeest and blesbok while heading back for lunch. We stopped so Kyle could snap off a bunch of pics.

The African sun is HOT! One would be wise to stay hydrated and wear a hat. 

After a nice lunch we headed out once again. We hadn't gone far when we spotted a small group of impala that were spooked by something. They were running perpendicular to us and would cross in front of ua at 75 yards. My son Kyle already had his camera shooting photos at six frames per second when he captured this great pic.

The impala pictured above along with a second impala stopped about 150 yards out from us to look back at whatever had scared them. But by then it was to late for them. I had already jumped out of the truck and was on the sticks and zeroed in on them. I dropped him with one shot from my 264 Win mag.

Stephan driving up in the rover so we can load the impala.

This is video of the impala being taken.

We put a lot of miles on the soles of our boots this day. We spotted a nice kudu bull and took off on foot after him. The African sun was hot and we had walked for several hours never catching up or seeing the kudu again. We stopped for a short break and drank the remaining water we had with us. My PH had sent the tracker back for the truck 45 minutes earlier and told him to meet us at an specified point. The sun was getting low in the sky as I stopped to remove a rock from my boot. Just then our PH excitedly called me over to where he was standing on the crest of a small rocky outcropping. I franticly tried to get my boot laced and ran over to see four zebra staring us down at 200 yards. My PH already had the shooting sticks set up and as I setteled my crosshairs on the zebra he told me to take the large one on the left. Just as I was ready to drop the hammer they started to turn and run. I had just finished my swing through the lead zebra and pulled the trigger when I heard my PH say hold off. It was to late, the shot had been made. I was a bit worried I had botched the shot when I heard my son Kyle and Leon my PH say "great shot, you got him!"
The zebra went 80 yards and dropped, and Kyle got it on video!

Here's the video.

As we took photos and admired my zebra, we witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets ever. It was a fitting end to a remarkable day. There would be some celebrating at the campfire tonight...

As we watched the sun set in the west, the moon was coming up in the east...

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