Friday, February 3, 2012

I guess I need to start thinking about what weapon to use, bow or gun? (or both?)
My hunting buddy just returned from the same place we are going to and pretty much stated that there's no chance in hell of getting a bow shot in this area. I'm still considering taking it anyways. The one thing I don't want  to do is sit and roast in a pit blind all day watching a waterhole with bugs and snakes crawling in (I hate snakes)
I would rather see the African bush and take in all the sights and sounds. I will bring my trusty Ruger M-77 chambered for .300 Win mag. I have a great load that I've been working up for it and Africa will be the testing grounds. I'm also considering a second rifle as a back-up (a Remington 700 Classic chambered for .264 Win mag) If I forgo the second rifle I can fit my bow into the double gun case.

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